How to Fix clownfish Voice Changer Not Working

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Generally, Clownfish is a voice translator used in most of the communication app like Skype and Discord. Clownfish has a couple of features like real-time voice translation for dozens of different languages which will support to change voice pitch. It is one of the leading voice changer apps on the web.

Despite the fact being popular clownfish users have encounter errors most of the time. The vast majority people have come across that clownfish fails to work for Skype. In some case, clownfish will fail completely on the computer. This technical issue arises due to the number of reasons like an incompatible version of Skype or microphone is not synced properly. In this article, I have mentioned two ways to beat this issue. How about we go immediately to the methods?

Fix clownfish Voice Changer

How to Fix clownfish Voice Changer Not Working

 Checking your version of Skype

If Skype is not compatible with your device than a couple of features will not be activated and it is reported that Microsoft that computers without the SSE2 instruction set are not compatible with new version of the Skype.

Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 belongs to Intel Single Instruction Multiple Data instruction sets with the first version from the Pentium 4. And these days SSE2 is compatible almost to all in case you have the older CPU than you must check the version of Skype first then install on your device.

  • On your computer, you need to launch Skype application and then install it. Once it will be installed on the computer then click on at the left side of the window your profile picture.
  • After that new window will appear on the screen then from the list of option select about this.
  • In here you will get all the details of the versions and if you have an older computer it is recommended that to downgrade to version 7.5. After it is downloaded you will be able to use Clownfish with no errors.


Installing your Microphone in Clownfish

Clownfish usually takes the user input through the help of Microphone to detect a voice, it will change afterward forward as it is expected to do. But if a microphone is not installed properly because of the bad drivers then Clownfish might not work smoothly you need to install the microphone by opening the clownfish app.

Note: First you must check the microphone is working or not then you can use the recorder or even you can use the test echo onSkype to confirm before you go to the strides. But if your mic is not working at all or damaged then these guide is not going to work.

  • On your computer open the clownfish app by using the bottom-right taskbar then on icon right click and choose the setup.
  • You will be getting every module in here to change voice you can select anyone which works properly and then click on install.
  • Installing the microphone then restart your computer and then check the problem at hand to solve.

Note: In case you have installed the device before then instead of the installation button you have to remove it by clicking the remove button. So remove from the device and then install it again.

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